Rotary Club Golfo d'Anzio
Anzio e Nettuno

Since 1985

Our Recent Services and Events

Get to know our latest services and events

(Leadership and European Union)

During April and May, we promoted two R.Y.L.A. on the topic of Leadership and the European Union.

Solidarity Rotary Day

Interclub C.R.E.DO project, whose aims will benefit family groups with strong socio-cultural disadvantage

Sanitary Service

We donated to "Ospedali Riuniti Anzio - Nettuno" three wheelchair for the patient in the hospital

Ettore Cicconeti's Award

Each year, in the loving memory of our founder, Dr Prof. Ettore Cicconetti, we choose a distinguished professional to give this important award.

About Our Club

The birth of the R. C. Golfo d’Anzio-Anzio and Nettuno dates back to 4 March 1985. Dr. prof. Ettore Cicconetti promoted it. A person endowed with altruistic social impetus and visionary foresight, the forerunner of the times that led him to encourage a Road Education Project for minors, alongside other praiseworthy initiatives, anticipating the introduction of this topic by MIUR in the courses of middle and high school education.

Famous Rotarian Quotes

“Rotarians are very much more favourable disposed toward action than they are toward words.”
Paul Harris
Rotary International Founder
"Rotary's 30-year commitment is so exciting. You are not just eradicating one of the worst diseases in history; you are helping even the poorest countries to provide citizens with better health and a better future."
Bill Gates
Microsoft Founder | Honorary Rotarian
“Rotary believes that the interests of society require that there is a place where people of different races, faiths and political parties can meet in happy partnership and aims to provide this place.”
Paul Harris
Rotary International Founder