Our story

The birth of the R. C. Golfo d’Anzio-Anzio and Nettuno dates back to 4 March 1985. It was promoted by Dr. prof. Ettore Cicconetti. Person endowed with altruistic social impetus and visionary foresight, forerunner of the times that led him to promote, alongside other praiseworthy initiatives, a Road Education Project for minors, anticipating the introduction of this topic, by MIUR, in the courses of middle and high school education.

He was among the first presidents of Italian clubs to advocate the admission of women when Rotary International sanctioned access in 1989. In fact, in 1990-1991 two women were co-opted into the club, one of which, prof. Anna Maria It remains that she is still a partner.


The aspect of Rotarian motivation was the backbone of the activism of prof. Cicconetti in the Club, which took place through weekly meetings between Members in application of a training strategy favoring the deepening of Rotarian issues and the amalgamation of interpersonal friendship. He promoted, in 1988, the birth of the first Youth Club, the Rotaract Club Anzio-Nettuno which, after a temporary closure, was reconstituted in 2016-2017. It is still active in its design dynamism


Our Mission

From the copious and articulated planning carried out by the Club over time, two Services emerge from the distant past in support of flood victims in Sardinia and earthquake victims in Nepal, up to the most recent ones on the treatment of Thalassemia and on the donation of self-propelled wheelchairs to the Ospedali Riuniti of Anzio and Nettuno.

Among the many recent initiatives carried out in the context of Rotarian Actions for New Generations and of Public Interest, the Club boasts the activation of: an interregional conference on entrepreneurship; a conference on the Jubilee of 2000; a Conference on Peace, based on interreligious dynamics; an interinstitutional conference on the problem of bullying; six School Projects / Conferences; four educational seminars, for students, on multiple topics, known as RYLA, in a Rotarian environment. Finally, in order of time, the Interclub C.R.E.DO Project was created, whose aims will benefit family groups with a strong socio-cultural disadvantage. Some photographic shots document the most salient features of the projects mentioned.

The Club continues to operate in the Anzio-Nettuno area with renewed vigor, referring to the social philosophy of the founder of Rotary International (February 23, 1905), Paul Harris. By virtue of this philosophy, Rotarians and Rotarians are committed to putting their professional skills at the service of the community. Their intent is to find solutions to the most pressing problems and to help improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged. All in accordance with an associative Code of Ethics that guides the actions of individuals and groups.